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Glide Magazine premieres "Stay Awake" from Daniel Martin Moore's July 7th VINYL/CD rel

Moore offers insight on recording the song:

“The saxophones are all played by Alexis Marsh of the band DYAN. We were working on this song for a little while one afternoon, and I was convinced the sax would enter at the second verse. So she did 5 or 6 takes, each one was so great. And then we moved on, because it seemed like we definitely had the part. But a few days later, as I was listening back through the takes, something wasn’t sitting right. I just wanted to hear all of them, because each of them had these incredible, unique moments of floating & weightless beauty. But how could the second verse sustain that many saxes coming in out of the blue? I queued up all the parts at once, muting the guitar & vocals, to try to find a path through them, and it quickly became clear that they stood wonderfully on their own. So they became the prelude.”

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