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Kelley Deal: The Popdose Interview.

It’s easy to hear why the material begs for this context. The 12 songs on Ignite The Rest feel like diamonds in the rough: the edges aren’t all sharp or precise but the glow is unmistakable. The record wobbles between raw, two-guitar rock numbers and ballad-ish pieces that seem to knock you to your knees with their honesty and breathiness, but it is far from bipolar. There’s a kind of tonal thread running through the record, something that keeps it loose but not flimsy. Like the boozy “Elder Orphans In Heavy Chop,” it’s the music the guitarists pull out of their amps after the club is closed and the liquor’s stopped flowing.

Ignite The Rest is also an accomplishment in at least one other respect. It is Deal’s first full-length outing in a decade – the last was The Breeders’ Mountain Battles in 2008 – and that’s a detail worth noting.

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