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R. Ring hits TOP 20 ADDS on the NACC Chart last week!

  1. THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Whiteout Conditions [Concord]

  2. DIET CIG Swear I’m Good At This [Frenchkiss]

  3. THE BLACK ANGELS Death Song [Partisan]

  4. COLD WAR KIDS L.A. Divine [Capitol]

  5. TIMBER TIMBRE Sincerely, Future Pollution [City Slang]

  6. WHITE REAPER The World’s Best American Band [Polyvinyl]

  7. PILE A Hairshirt Of Purpose [Exploding In Sound]

  8. CLARK Death Peak [Warp]

  9. BRETT NEWSKI The Worst Of Bret Newski: Songs To Sink The American Dream [Nomad Union]

  10. R. RING Ignite The Rest [SofaBurn]

  11. SOULWAX From Deewee [Deewee/PIAS]

  1. THOSE LAVENDER WHALES My Bones Are Singing [Fork+Spoon]


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