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Northbend Records' chat about SofaBurn with Mike Montgomery

Sofaburn Records was set up in 2006 by Christopher Mueller to release his band’s, Alone at 3am, music. It was also an opportunity to help out his fellow musician friends and fellow local artists’ music as well, focusing on small releases. Operating from that point initially out of a basement office, it was in 2015 that Sofaburn moved out into an office in Dayton, KY expanding and rolling out national releases, having grown and built a wider audience and artist network. The building where Sofaburn now resides is also home to Candyland Recording Studio, where Mike Montgomery, one of “the three sofaburners” also works having designed and built the studio as the owner and engineer. As Mike describes this is, fortunately for him, “not a long commute” between workplaces.In March I was able to catch up with Mike on Skype, who kindly took the time out to talk to me from the Sofaburn office to discuss Sofaburn Records in more depth, the ethos behind the label, as well the exciting plans coming up for the label, and associated artists. Click the pic for full interview.

photo by Mara Robinson

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