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Kelley Deal, (guítarist with The Breeders, R. Ring) joins Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia

Millions of artists, musicians, free lancers, self-employed workers and other members of the ‘gig economy’ are poised to lose their coverage if the ACA is repealed. Please stand with Secretary Burwell in her final speech as she highlights personal stories and talks about the consequences for the American people of undoing the progress that’s been made.

You can help by sharing your personal story on social media about how health coverage is stronger under the ACA using #CoverageMatters.

"Artists and musicians have a powerful voice," Deal encourages. "Use it."

You can watch a livestream of Secretary Burwell’s final speech and question-and-answer session on Monday, January 9 at 1:00pm EST here:

To submit a question in advance, put BURWELL in the subject line and email to before 9:00am EST Monday, January 9th.

Check out to see people sharing their ACA stories.


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