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R. Ring record Misfits "Cough Cool" with Kristian Svitak! Check out the video from Kill th

“In 2012 Kelley Deal, Mike Montgomery and myself recorded our own version of Devo's Mr. DNA , for a skateboard video project I was working on. Since then, we always talked about how fun that was and that we should do it again. Over the following years Mike and I would randomly throw out some song ideas to play but nothing seemed to stick with us. I really wanted not only a song I loved by a band I grew up listening to, but a song that would be interesting and that Kelley's vocals would really be an asset to.

Truthfully, most of my thought process revolved around Kelley's voice.

I was listening to The Misfits’ 1977 demo recording of Cough Cool and knew that was it. Kelley and Mike agreed. We recorded it in January 2015 at Mike's Candyland Recording studio and we had a great time doing it. Not only were we happy with our recording but just as important, happy with our entire process and time being together. And that has really always been our main objective; an excuse for good friends to get together, share some time and make some memories.”

-Kristian Svitak, July 2016

Streetplant Presents: Open Hearted East Coast Tour with Kristian Svitak and Mike Vallely

July 21: 12pm-2pm at East River Skate Shop - Brooklyn, NY

3pm-7pm at Uncle Funky’s Boards – West Village, NYC

July 22: 5pm-7pm at K-Coast Surf Shop – Ocean City, MD

July 23: 1pm-3pm at Pro Skateboard Shop – Belmar, NJ

4pm-6pm at Carousel Building/Boardwalk Asbury Park, NJ

July 24: Roll for Rob at Civl Skateshop, Kennedy Plaza Rink, Providence, RI

July 25: 4pm-7pm at Maximum Hesh, Somerville, MA

July 26: 11am-3pm at Edison Skatepark, Edison, NJ

4pm-7pm at Prime Skate Shop, Hillsborough, NJ


July 30: FREE Show with Max Fender. 1pm at Covington Public Library, Scott Street, Covington, KY

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