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R.Ring on 'Boating with Clyde' and new tour dates w/ cellist Lori Goldston!

Half way through 2015 R.RING found ourselves jammed into two dingy dingies, set adrift on one of the great Seattle tributaries that feeds the mighty Bay of Souls. Our captain and spirit guide was Clyde Petersen. My shipmates were Kelley Deal, Joe Frankl and uber-Cellist Lori Goldston. Clyde was bedazzled in an array of wires and recording gadgets. Joe held tiny sticks, Lori held her cello and Kelley and I held guitars. The thick cloak of recent deaths that tried to smother us in the small hours was soon vanquished by whirling seed pods, the arrival of a family of swans and a paddle boarder named 'Bruce'.

We played songs and Clyde recorded them. She has edited a nice video which you can see here:

We had a blast and decided to invite Lori out to join us for some shows and recording in February. You may have heard her cell-ing on music by bands like Earth and Nirvana. She picked our songs up in no time!

Dates: February 17, Motr Pub, Cincinnati, OH February18, The Bishop, Bloomington, IN February 19, The End, Nashville, TN February 20, Cosmic Charlie's, Lexington, KY

More shows to come in March!


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