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Jeremy Pinnell's 'OH/KY' makes KEXP Top Ten of 2015!

Granted, this record came out officially in 2014, but was properly re-released and distributed this year by Sofaburn. Still very few know about Jeremy Pinnell, who writes and sings about the hard facts of life, addiction, the mistakes we make, and recovering from them. This is Kentucky hard country. It’s the outlaw thing wrapped up in a traditional, straight sound featuring Cameron Cochran’s emotive pedal steel guitar and Pinnell’s authentic voice. And it’s that voice that keeps me coming back. He has one of those voices that if you love country music, you’ll love this record. Pinnell possesses an old-time, textured, masculine voice of experience that typifies the separation between Waylon fans and everybody else. The new groundswell of returning to “rooted country” can be seen these days in the popularity of Sturgill Simpson, Whitey Morgan, and Chris Stapelton who made hay this year at the CMA music awards. Jeremy Pinnell belongs in this conversation of “real” country music from real people. Jeremy came through Seattle recently singing a whole new batch of songs, but you should start with this album, cuz it’s The Way Country Sounds. -Greg Vandy

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