The Light Wires S/t CD
Released 2005

The Light Wires, the four-piece band framed slyly around songwriter Jeremy Pinnell's snaky amalgam of American music, have learned a thing or two about contradiction in their short year together. First formed to serve as a platform for Pinnell’s remarkable songwriting, the Cincinnati, Ohio band has found themselves in the thorny space between reverence to and subversion of the traditional American songbook.

The Light Wires 'S/T' CD

  • 1. Two Caretakers
    2. Never Heard the Pin Drop
    3. Belly of the Beast
    4. Stewards of the Earth
    5. In a Modest Apartment
    6. Me in Her Wild Hair
    7. Each Note Secure
    8. I've Picked Up Your Habits (White And Dim)
    9. Small As Strawberries
    10. Talk To You Tonight

    Band members:
    Jeremy Pinnell
    Mike Montgomery
    Rick McCarty
    Andy Hittle