Lung's third album, 'Come Clean Right Now', is available NOW! Written throughout the pandemic, this record was a new venture in songwriting for Kate Wakefield and Daisy Caplan. Instead of being able to write on tour or in between the traveling, the duo traded song files they recorded themselves and eventually brought the mixes together. The final product was a record that's diverse yet complimentary to their debut and sophomore albums. Order yours today!




1. Come Clean Right Now

2. Sorry

3. I'm Nervous

4. Sugar Pill

5. Air

6. Tick Tock

7. Landlocked

8. Sun God

9. Green

10. Wave (feat. Paige Beller)

11. Morning

12. Arrow


Written by Lung, recorded by John Hoffman.  Mixed by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio. Mastered by Carl Saff

Lung 'Come Clean Right Now' CD/LP